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A static CMS for Next.js

Open source

Host for free

Own your data

No database

5-min setup

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A full-featured content editor for your site

Complete with custom fields, AI Completion, easy data fetching & more!

Quick & Easy Setup

Your CMS without the complexity of databases or additional infrastructure.

Add Outstatic to Next.js or deploy a new site in less than 5 minutes.

Custom Fields

Tailor your site with ease.

Add Custom Fields for expanded content management. From metadata to product details, the possibilities are endless.

AI Completion

Streamline your workflow with intelligence.

Activate AI Completion to transform ideas into content instantly. Perfect for drafting articles or generating creative copy, setup is swift and seamless.

Write, Publish, It's live!

Get a complete dashboard to manage your Next.js static website.
Check out our demo below, or get started.

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