Migrating to v1

In v1 we are dropping support for the /pages folder and will only be working with the /app directory in Next.js. The migration is quite simple.

Start by upgrading Outstatic.

# npm npm install outstatic@latest # yarn yarn add outstatic@latest #pnpm pnpm install outstatic@latest

Then, remove the outstatic and api/outstatic folders from your /pages directory.

Next, you'll need to add two files to your /app folder:


import 'outstatic/outstatic.css' import { Outstatic } from 'outstatic' import { OstClient } from 'outstatic/client' export default async function Page({ params }: { params: { ost: string[] } }) { const ostData = await Outstatic() return <OstClient ostData={ostData} params={params} /> }

And /app/api/outstatic/[[...ost]]/route.ts

import { OutstaticApi } from 'outstatic' export const GET = OutstaticApi.GET export const POST = OutstaticApi.POST

That's it. Start your dev server and you are good to go!