Environment variables

Here's a list of all the environment variables needed to run your Outstatic install:

# REQUIRED Environment variables OST_GITHUB_ID=YOUR_GITHUB_OAUTH_ID OST_GITHUB_SECRET=YOUR_GITHUB_OAUTH_SECRET OST_TOKEN_SECRET=A_32CHAR_RANDOM_STRING_FOR_YOUR_TOKEN_SECRET OST_REPO_SLUG=THE_REPOSITORY_SLUG # If empty AND on Vercel, this will default to VERCEL_GIT_REPO_SLUG # OPTIONAL Environment variables OST_REPO_BRANCH=THE_REPOSITORY_BRANCH # If empty, this will default to main OST_REPO_OWNER=THE_REPO_OWNER # If empty, GitHub username is used OST_CONTENT_PATH=outstatic/content # Where content is saved, if empty it defaults to outstatic/content OST_MONOREPO_PATH=apps/web # Specify monorepo folder of your Outstatic content

Good to know: To get your repository slug we first try fetching the OST_REPO_SLUG environment variable. If that is empty, we try VERCEL_GIT_REPO_SLUG, which is one of Vercel's default environment variables. If both are empty, you'll get a warning saying you need to add OST_REPO_SLUG to your environment variables.

In case you need help on how to get your GitHub OAuth credentials, please read the Getting started section.