Environment Variables

Here's a list of all the environment variables needed to run your Outstatic install:

# REQUIRED Environment variables OST_GITHUB_ID=YOUR_GITHUB_OAUTH_OR_APPS_ID OST_GITHUB_SECRET=YOUR_GITHUB_OAUTH_OR_APPS_SECRET OST_TOKEN_SECRET=A_32CHAR_RANDOM_STRING_FOR_YOUR_TOKEN_SECRET OST_REPO_SLUG=THE_REPOSITORY_SLUG # If empty AND on Vercel, this will default to VERCEL_GIT_REPO_SLUG # OPTIONAL Environment variables # Main branch of the project. If empty, this will default to 'main' OST_REPO_BRANCH=main # Repository owner or organization. If empty, logged in GitHub username is used. OST_REPO_OWNER=myusername # Where content is saved. Defaults to outstatic/content if empty. OST_CONTENT_PATH=outstatic/content # Specify monorepo folder of your Outstatic content OST_MONOREPO_PATH=apps/web # OpenAI API Key for AI Completions OPENAI_API_KEY=sk-XXXXXXX

Good to know: To get your repository slug we first try fetching the OST_REPO_SLUG environment variable. If that is empty, we try VERCEL_GIT_REPO_SLUG, which is one of Vercel's default environment variables. If both are empty, you'll get a warning saying you need to add OST_REPO_SLUG to your environment variables.

Important: Don't forget to redeploy your website or restart your server after updating environment variables.

In case you need help on how to get your GitHub OAuth credentials, please read the Getting started section.